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Ariel 1922 800cc 6/7hp V-twin
Artikel Nr.: M-173
Ariel 1922 800cc 6/7hp V-twin
Ariel 1922 800cc 6/7hp V-twin

Engine no.: A952I

Frame no.: S200


Ariel is one of the most emblematic British manufacturer from the history of motorcycling in the 20th century. Ariel had offered JAP and White & Poppe engined V-twin motorcycles before introducing a new model for 1914, powered by a 5/6hp Abingdon King Dick motor. The latter was superseded after 1919 by an improved version using a more powerful 6/7hp (795cc) engine from the same manufacturer, which continued until 1923.


This very rare Ariel V-twin motorcycle comes with the 795cc, 6/7hp „AKD” engine, from 1922 and it has been treated to a total mechanical and cosmetic restoration. During the restoration, which took over eight years, all original major components such as the frame and fittings, forks, engine, gearbox, etc. were completely restored, while other parts such as the clutch and valve lifter mechanism have been remanufactured. All consumable parts such as chains, tyres, etc. are new. Some components such as the magneto, crankshaft, and wheels have been treated by specialists.

This wonderful Ariel comes with the correct and unbelievable rare Cox Atmos carburettor, with an ML magneto, Lucas carbide lighting system and with its own gearbox. There is also a fine druck horn fitted, from a British manufacturer, Cowey; it really is a collector vintage motorcycle.

Since completion, the Ariel has undergone limited road testing of a few miles.